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 Hi everyone. Welcome back to the show. So I am super excited for today's guest, Dr. Yael Green, who I am just going to let. Dr. Green introduced herself because I just wanted, I don't wanna put say any of this story because it's so freaking interesting and I can't wait to get into it. So welcome to the show Ya.

Thank you. I'm excited to be here and dive into whatever information's going to come through today. Yes. I'm so excited. So can you give us a little bit of a background just so everyone can understand who you are and a little bit of your story? Sure I cut me off if I dive too much into it. Um, , . But, uh, this is, I always start off that this is really the first time I have been in bodily form on this planet.

We'll start off there. Many people have been, have decided to come into the body as a vessel on this planet. A long time, right? We talk about old souls, all of that. Um, for me there was a specific mission. I did come from a ship energy, and I guess we wanna clarify what that might be because there is a.

There are many collectives as we know of energetic beings and characteristics and bodies. Here. We've called them Pple and Syrians and so forth. Um, there's no particular d n a structure or quote unquote race that I come from necessarily. It is more of a collective of beings that come together to have specific purposes in the galactic realm.

And I know that might be, uh, confusing because our brains wanna structure that in our, in the ego and put it in boxes. That's the thing about, uh, coming onto this planet, having a different energetic and crystalline d n a structure that is activated. Not that we don't all have this crystal and DNA structure that.

Beside our human DNA structure, but most of the time it hasn't been activated because we've been going through these patterns and these cycles in this body and in this form for so many years. So I guess the, the luxury that I have and sometimes the hardship because it's always a wanting to return home, which I think if I say that many, Relate to that feeling of wanting to return home.

There's that longing in there, and that I think directly relates to the idea of consciousness and being able to sort of form a sense of what consciousness is and how we can adapt and move with. Consciousness and how it relates to different dimensional energies and how we can integrate that back into the body.

So that's a little start of my story. There's so many different ways and pieces we can go, but let's start with that. Wow. Okay. Well I kind of wanna hear more, um, cause I remember Sure. , when I read your, uh, your bio, I guess it was, uh, just about like how you. I guess experience of coming onto the planet. So can we start there?

Yeah. So the experience that I had is that I remember specifically being dropped off here. It was a feeling of moving with my quote unquote family. It's a ship family. It's not a relational family that we know here, but. . I remember all of a sudden there was this feeling of coming down onto this earthly structure and then, and I say looking back up, because that's sort of all you know in terms of when you're creating a context when you're on the planet and then.

all of my family was moving away from me and I was still here. Was that feeling of like you're at the playground at school and all your other friends are being picked up, and then you're still waiting there  with your lunchbox and your backpack, and you're like, am I still here? So I got dropped off and no one's coming back to pick me up.

It was that feeling of seeing that happen and wondering why I was. Here on this planet because there's, I've lived many lifetimes, if we wanna say that, and had a lot of assignments. Every assignment that I've had as an energetic conscious being has been in the galactic dimensional world and not in vessel corporeal form, but I did come in one of the first waves of hybrid humans.

In the seventies to be able to sort of create a foundation and start to shift the frequency. We didn't get to 2012 and 2018 and 2019, 2020 without having this placed in the field before. Right. We can't to bring higher frequency, and I don't say higher, because it, it's better. It's just. , higher pitched frequency.

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